Our Concept

We will help you to take more responsibility for your own health. The process to find the best healthcare will be simplified. 

Care Communicator

Connecting you to healthcare. More
safe, quicker and far smoother. This can safeguard equal care for all.

We want to simplify getting care

By providing an easy comprehensive overview of both your health and your healthcare options globally.

We also want to make preventive care an engaging part of your lifestyle.

Extended Personal Medical Journal

The Care Communicator, CC, is an extended personal journal and service tool people will use continuously with either their smart phone, tablet or lap-top.

Find and access global healhcare

CC will show where and how you can access health care, with a list of options for places in your own country, the EU or elsewhere. We want to shorten queues and waiting times.

Stay informed about your Health and wellness

CC gives an historical holistic and up to date health overview which is useful both for the individual and the care givers. It is also a channel for relevant news and discussions.

We will simplify the process of finding trusted world-class healthcare

Helping You TO find trusted world-class healthCare quickLY
Simplifying the process of getting care and reimbursementS
All your health data, Vaccines, Memberships and insurances in one PLACE
Engaging communities to connect with for support and getting a second opinion 

Example of the flow for “Find care – Surgery”

Contact Details

Lars Holmqvist



+46 733 451 451

Company Address:

Care Communicator Europe AB (559271-5246)
Svanegatan 6-8
S-222 24 LUND

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